What Do I Have To Wear After Sclerotherapy?

A friend of mine recently underwent sclerotherapy to remove some unsightly spider veins on her legs. When she scheduled the process, her doctor told her to buy some compression hosiery to wear immediately after the process, but her doctor didn’t give her some details on which kind of support hosiery for buying. After doing a search on Google, she was immediately confused and overwhelmed by most of the options. Luckily she has a friend in the compression business to help advise her! I thought I’d share my advice in case anybody else is unsure about things to wear after San Diego sclerotherapy treatment.

During sclerotherapy therapy, your doctor will lift up your leg and inject the main veins with sclerosant. The procedure is fairly quick between 10 to half an hour and you can walk right out from the medical doctor’s office after it is successfully done.  While there is no real recovery period, patients do have to take certain precautions to ensure they get the very best results with this procedure. Mainly patients should wear compression hosiery over the site of this injection. Compression socks or tights make sure that blood does not flow back to these treated veins after therapy. Some doctors may tell you that you only have to wear compression stockings for 24 to 48 hours following the treatment, but in our opinion, it is advisable to be careful. You’re most probably investing in this treatment away from pocket so do everything that you can to ensure that you get your results you’ve paid for! We advice wearing compression for not less than a week after your procedure throughout the hours you are on your feet. Ideally you need to wear the hosiery for two weeks. You do not need to wear the hosiery to bed.

So, what sort of compressing hosiery should you wear after sclerotherapy? Most doctors will suggest a minimum of 20 to 30 mmHg of compression in thigh highs or pantyhose. Since you will be wearing these for a couple weeks, you should purchase something which are going to be comfortable and attractive something you won’t mind wearing for a few weeks. If you’re imagining the unsightly, thick compressing hose that your grandmother wears don’t fret! Compressing pantyhose are presented in all sheerness levels and colors nowadays.  Lots of people won’t be able to tell the difference between your compression stockings and frequent pantyhose.

So, before your treatment, take the amount of time to measure your legs, read reviews of various brands and styles, and purchase the hosiery you know you’ll be able to wear for the weeks following your procedure.  At The Secret Vein Clinic, we have a big selection of pantyhose and thigh highs and our customers are particularly truthful in their reviews of these products, so it is a great destination to start!